Introduction of tmt motor

In the strong development trend of the country, the need to use trucks is increasingly urgent with high requirements for quality, diversity and variety of products.
Cuu Long Auto Factory – CUU LONG AUTOMOBILE FACTORY, part of TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company was born to contribute to meeting the increasing demand of consumers, thereby showing awareness and responsibility for the development. general of the country on the path of integration and development. Because of that, the main development path of TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company, Cuu Long Auto Factory is to share and best meet the needs of the market, get rich and go with cars Cuu Long.


– Only sell the products you need, not sell the products we already have.

– We always try to bring satisfaction to customers and consumers by always applying new technology to improve the quality of products and ancillary services.

– We are constantly striving to become one of the leading manufacturers of truck with many important contributions to the long-term and sustainable development of Vietnam’s automobile industry.

– We are committed to striving to become an active member with many contributions to the common development of the country and society.

– We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment of sustainable development.


Car Factory scene Cuu Long – CUU LONG AUTOMOBILE FACTORY


“Building and maintaining trust with customers, at the same time saving, constantly improving the efficiency of all production and business activities “, is the motto throughout the entire production and business process of the Company. TMT automotive part to meet all commitments to customers.

To achieve this goal, TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company has applied quality management systems such as ISO 9001: 2000; ISO 14000 … The company’s products are registered for exclusive protection of trademarks and industrial designs. The Company’s products have been continuously voted and awarded for many years domestically and internationally. Especially, the products of TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company have always won our position in the marketplace and the trust of customers..

We firmly believe that: With the business motto and quality policy mentioned above, TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company will constantly develop and improve in all aspects.”