The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation

Cuu Long Automobile Factory – CUU LONG AUTOMOBILE FACTORY

Construction started: March 20, 2003

Officially going into mass production: February 21, 2004

Opening date: May 29, 2004

Total investment capital: VND 350 billion

Phase I: VND 180 billion

Phase II: VND 170 billion

Total construction area and factory premises ≈ 20 ha

Capacity: 10000 vehicles / year (phase I) * 30000 vehicles / year (phase II)


Assembly factory production

In the cabin of Cuu Long Automobile Factory, the cabin pieces are located on standard equipment to ensure high accuracy. Spot welding technology (click soldering) ensures solidity, uniformity and enhances product longevity in Vietnam’s harsh climatic conditions. This is also the outstanding advantage of Cuu Long cars. Cuu Long automobile factory is designed and invested in equipment, technology and means of manufacturing and assembling cars according to advanced regional technology. Truck trucks are manufactured, assembled from the complete assembly – CKD. All: engines, gearboxes, cardan axles, front and rear axles, chassis … imported from abroad and domestic components, boxes, metro sets, tires, batteries, rim

At the paint workshop, the cabin is treated with advanced chemicals for surface treatment, rust removal and removal of all grease impurities … All 100% of the barrels and cabins are surface phosphates face. At this stage, technology is applied thoroughly to improve metal life, as well as preparation for primers and paints. The autoclave stage (heat drying) is applied to both primer and paint

Also operating with the welding and painting lines, there are two assembly lines for the chassis and the cabin. At the assembly line, the chassis is completed in coordination with the main components such as: bridge, engine, tweezers, gearbox, drive system, steering system …

Cuu Long automobile factory is equipped with a modern and flexible assembly line suitable for trucks from 500kg to 10 tons. All key joints of the vehicle are checked for tightening by specialized equipment right at the time of tightening with pneumatic gun.

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