The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Sinotruk Vietnam Distribution Joint Stock Company and Sinotruk Group of China.

Towards the goal of establishing Sinotruk Vietnam Distribution Joint Stock Company, which is contributed by major Vietnamese corporations (including TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company) and Sinotruk China Group.

In the morning of February 26, 2019, Sinotruk Vietnam Distribution Joint Stock Company held an event with the Chinese Sinotruk Group at Cuu Long Automobile Factory (address: Trung Trac commune, Van Lam district, Hung Yen province). To introduce Sinotruk light, medium and heavy vehicles, including Sinotruk 6×4 and 8×4 dump trucks, meet Euro 5 emission standards higher than Euro 2, Euro 4 imported cars. Import and especially have emission technical standards higher than the current level of the Government regulations on emission standards for trucks is currently Euro 4. These are trucks that are considered as Euro 5 economical vehicles. The most fuel on Vietnam market today and is very friendly to the environment.

Speaking at this event, Mr. Yang Chinh Huc – General Director of Sinotruk China affirmed that:

– All Sinotruk Euro 5 emission technology trucks distributed by Sinotruk Vietnam Distribution Joint Stock Company will be warranted according to international standards from February 26, 2019.

– Previously, in the truck market in Vietnam, imported and distributed vehicles through commercial channels were not properly focused on issues of after-sales service. Therefore, in this cooperation, between Sinotruk Vietnam Distribution Joint Stock Company and Sinotruk China agreed and ensured the best warranty and maintenance for Vietnamese consumers. And the after-sales service will be carried out 24 hours by Sinotruk China technical staff and engineers and Sinotruk Vietnam’s engineers and technicians.

    • Cooperation period 5 years to the end of 2023.
    • After-sales service is done by SINOTRUK Chinese and Sinotruk Vietnam engineers.There are 03 Spare Parts Stores: in the North, the Central and the South with 100% spare parts for after-sales service for the genuine imported vehicles from SINOTRUK. The spare parts warehouse will serve all customers who have used Sinotruk products not only Sinotruk Euro 5 products of Sinotruk Vietnam Distribution Joint Stock Company.Customers enjoy the best after-sales services 24/24.

Also at this event, TMT Automobile Joint Stock Company signed a strategic cooperation agreement to produce and assemble all Sinotruk vehicles, including light vehicles and special-use vehicles in Vietnam.

In addition, the two sides are also interested in investing (buying shares) of each other to not only distribute Sinotruk light, medium and heavy vehicles, from 1 ton to 70 tons in Vietnam. But it can also invest in localization 40% to export to Asean countries in the next 3 years.

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